Welcome To Boxing School!

Welcome to BoxingSchool.co.uk. Whether you are someone who always wanted to try boxing out but never had the time, someone who wants to lose a bit of weight while getting fit in a fun and engaging way or even someone who wants to learn how to protect yourself in an effective and rapid manner, you have come to the right place.

I doubt there is another sport out there that provides the complete package like Boxing does. It is intensely enjoyable, while mentally and physically challenging and there lies its secret. Getting fit while Boxing is not an unrealistic aspiration like it is with most other sports but an addictive yet healthy result of the bug that, like millions before you, you will catch. Keeping fit will no longer be a drag. You will no longer have to force yourself to go to the Gym but rather you will look forward to your sessions. Contact or contactless is completely your choice, but whichever you prefer, you will get addicted to boxing training. You start loving the intense exercise, the clear and steady progress you make, the way it makes you feel when you finish a good session on the pads and the way it builds not only your fitness and strength but also your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself. Unlike other martial arts, Boxing becomes an affective self-defence method within a very short period of time. Unlike Other martial arts, Boxing is fun to learn and rarely includes boring… repeated movements that you will never be able to use in a real life situation. In short, it is an exciting, enjoyable, healthy and useful sport which once tried will change your life forever. For the younger members of your family, Boxing is an engaging and exhilarating form of fitness. Not only do they get fit and healthy, they also learn how to keep themselves safe while learning discipline, respect and a lifetime skill.

Unlike the majority of other Boxing Schools out there, Here at boxingschool.co.uk we don’t just accept anyone as a boxing trainer. We only select the best of the best. The vast majority of our trainers are either ex-pro boxers, current pro boxers or trainers that have been thoroughly trained by professional boxing trainers and personally vetted or re-trained by myself, Spencer Oliver, so you can rest assured that the training you receive will be the of the same high level as would be afforded to a professional boxer. We don’t do ‘Boxing Yoga’ or ‘Boxercise’. So, if you or any member of your family ever wanted to try out real and authentic boxing, join us. You won’t regret it.

Spencer Oliver