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The Diet of Champions

For all athletes diet is key, but for boxers, it's make or break.

Due to the high demands of the sport energy-wise, boxers need fuel that... Read more »

Jake Gyllenhaal single handedly proves that boxing = the most effective workout EVER

Want proof that boxing gets you a knockout body? Just take a look at Jake Gyllenhaal in his new movie ‘Southpaw’.

Yep, that’s one... Read more »

The Jab

No, I’m not referring to the inoculation against flu or a childish poke in the ribs.

Everything in life necessitates a beginning, middle... Read more »

10 reasons you should be boxing

"Son, we’re all fighters, every single one of us. Fighting is the first sport of every man and woman. From the minute we’re born, we’re... Read more »

Welcome To Boxing School!

Welcome To As you have probably guessed, the site is not complete yet but we are now in its final stages. Soon, you will be... Read more »